Periodontal treatment


With Duo-Lase™ 1000's of people with gum disease have now been treated successfully.

If your periodontal disease is not treated, it will most certainly lead to tooth loss.
Living with gum disease can be a painful and emotionally taxing, depressing experience, often accompanied by a host of fears and frustrations. 
Being in pain while eating, fear of loosing your teeth and worries if this might impact your relations ship or even your career are real concerns.

Were you told that:

  • Some or all of your teeth need to be extracted?
  • ​You have bad breath?
  • ​Gum disease can't be treated?
  • ​Your teeth have moved and your gums are bleeding?
  • ​You need gum surgery?

Say Goodbye to Constant Pain and Discomfort of Gum Disease.
Three Proven Steps of Treating Your Gum Disease successfully. 

The good news is, there is now a highly advanced and efficient way to treat your gum disease.
Whether you have been diagnosed with gum disease by your dentist or just realised yourself that your gums are bleeding, and your teeth are getting loose, 
Duo-Lase™ removes the cause of gum disease and stimulates healing without painful surgery
We save our patients teeth every day with Duo-Lase™.

Loose teeth, tooth loss, gaps opening up, pain when eating or difficulties chewing harder food, bleeding gums are all signs of periodontal disease.
At the Behrens Dental Practice we know it effects your confidence, self-esteem, the way you socialise and not enjoy your food. 
We have more than 13 year's experience in laser assisted periodontics and a caring and dedicated team is ready to help you.

Jon Hussey
'Wow - absolutely ground breaking treatment and first class service. After years of dental problems, especially gum disease, I was referred to a ‘specialist’ periodontist. After extensive poking & prodding I was given the news that I’d have to have 6 teeth removed, sinuses raising(?) under general anaesthetic and have implants. So, apart from running for the hills, I decided to read up on alternative treatment. I found details of the pioneering laser treatment for periodontal gum issues originating in Italy with Behrens offering the treatment here in London. Behrens have been absolutely superb!'

See how Duo-Lase™ helped Moira
 to save her teeth

Periodontal Treatment

Removes the cause of Periodontitis 
and stimulates healing, without painful surgery

Duo-lase™ Periodontal Treatment  removes the cause of the disease and stimulates healing, without painful surgery.

The key to treating periodontal disease is to eliminate or significantly reduce the number of certain aggressive bacteria in your gums (pockets) and to stop them from coming back.

Effective and unparalleled  Non-Invasive Duo-Lase™ treatment is a modern way of achieving this result.

Treat your gum disease, get your confidence back and boost your self-esteem. There is no need to hide your smile anymore!


Most dentists would have extracted this tooth.  With Duo-Lase™ we were able to save the tooth and see new formation of bone.
We aren't able to always save a tooth.  In this image,  99% of all dentists would have extracted the tooth to the left of the implant.  With this patient,  we were able to restore that tooth to health and avoid the expense and discomfort of an additional implant.

Micro Perio Analysis

Step 1 Of The Process

Periodontal disease is caused by bacteria.
We use combination of advanced examination under a microscope and DNA Microbiological Analysis technology, to enable us to precisely diagnose the periodontal disease and show our patients exactly what causes it in their particular case.
The severity of the disease is directly linked to the type and the amount of the bacteria present in the periodontal pockets. 

Alongside this, our advanced examination includes a periodontal check-up, pocket charting, digital x-rays and a discussion about lifestyle factors and other underlying diseases that may be contributing to your periodontal disease. 
Combined together, our advanced and microbiological methods, the Micro Perio Analysis, allow for a sophisticated diagnostic  which give us an accurate understanding of what is happening in your mouth, so that we can tailor our Duo-Lase treatment plan specifically to you, as we understand that each individual patient is a unique case.



Step 2 Of The Process

After the Micro Perio Analysis and after your teeth have been cleaned, two different lasers are used over several sessions with the aim to significantly reduce the number of these aggressive bacteria and to stimulate healing. All treatments are done under a microscope.

The first laser does Photo-Dynamic Pocket Decontamination. This process eliminates those aggressive bacteria and in essence the cause of the disease. 

A second laser is used for Bio Stimulation, which gives your cells energy to heal in the most effective way and to produce e.g. collagen fibre in in the surrounding tissue.
The inflammation of the gum will be removed, a new layer of cells will form on the root surface which will help with the re-attachment of the gingiva to the tooth, so the periodontal pockets are closing. We also see new formation of bone. The whole foundation of all teeth on your mouth will be stronger.

The treatment is a compelling, non-invasive and effective alternative to the traditional method of surgically treating periodontal disease. Even the most aggressive forms of periodontal disease can be treated with Duo-Lase™ and teeth that were marked for extraction might have a good chance to be saved. After the treatment a second microbiological test will be done to confirm that the treatment has been successful.

Duo-lase™ vs. Traditional Treatment

No Scalpels, No Cutting, 
Less or No pain


Periodontal Surgery

 As the bacteria for periodontal disease are able to thrive in all types of niches found within the mouth, if painful traditional treatments such as extractions, scaling, root planing or systemic antibiotics are prescribed, the bacteria will simply be able to recolonize in another area of the mouth. 
In this way, by undertaking methods such as root planing and extractions, you are not only subjecting yourself to unnecessary pain, but are overall undergoing less effective treatments that make it difficult to control and treat the disease, resulting in a lifelong problem. 
With Duo-Lase™ we target the cause of problem continuously (the bacteria), which means their numbers will reduce, until eventually you will be left with no aggressive bacteria or such a low level that you will not relapse provided you maintain good oral hygiene. 

To summarise, benefits of   Duo-Lase™ treatment are :

How do we know it works?

Unlike other dental practices, aside from the obvious physical difference you will notice, we also carry out our independent microbiological tests before and after treatment to illustrate your results.
Your first one is done during your initial consultation where we will take a swab of your gums, culture this, and then find out what kind of bacteria is causing your gum disease and how severe it is. Using this information we will present you with your treatment plan. 
Once your treatment is complete we will carry out a follow-up  test so you can see the significant difference the Duo-Lase™ treatment has made!


Each treatment stage leads to an immediate improvement, both visible and on a cellular level. You will experience that any bleeding of the gum will stop, the gum with feel tight again and will form a seal around each tooth. Brushing, flossing etc will be comfortable and not painful anymore.
The gum will look nice and pink and won't be swollen. 

The teeth are tightening up and and it is more comfortable to eat. A new oral hygiene regime and regular recall will ensure that this successful treatment will be long lasting.

Laser+ Recall

Step 3 Of The Process

will my gum disease come back?

We want your treatment to be a long term success! 
Therefore we will transform your mouth into a healthy mouth that can be easily maintained. 
It is very important to come and have your teeth cleaned every three months after your treatment has been completed.

Not only will we clean your teeth under a microscope but, if clinically necessary, we will laser an area  that might have flared up with no extra charge to you!
We call it Laser+  Recall.

Now that's is something to smile about :)

See how Duo-Lase™ helped Jane to 
save her teeth

Periodontal Disease, frequently known as gum disease effects almost 80% of the UKs population. It is characterised by the painful inflammation of the gums, which if left untreated can result in bone and tissue damage. Without dental intervention the prognosis is often the loss of bone within the jaw, resulting in the loss of teeth.
Unfortunately, the effects of it also go far past your mouth. Periodontal disease has also been linked to systemic diseases such as diabetes, infertility, cardiovascular disorders ,osteoporosis and can triple the risk of stroke!

The cause of periodontal disease itself is a range of pathogenic bacteria which trigger a chronic inflammatory response that affects the gums and the jaw bone. Though genetics can play a role and determine your immune response, it is further exasperated by poor oral hygiene which allows bacteria to thrive within the plaque and tartar build up. If not rectified early on, the bacteria will multiply below the gum line where antibiotics and even deep cleaning will not fully be able to resolve the problem.
Fortunately however, our cutting edge Duo-Lase™ Treatment has been carefully curated to provide you with a long term, painless solution to your lifelong problem. In as quick as 1 month we will be able to complete your laser treatment, alleviating your pain and panic and worries you had about losing your teeth, leaving you with healthy, strong smile and no reason to hide it any longer!

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